Customer Service Training

technology students group in computer lab classroomAll the research and Quality Assessment (QA) data in the world will have limited value unless it can be translated into training that changes behavior on the front line. Our group has been turning data into effective training for over 25 years. Our Customer Service training is not generic, off-the-shelf customer service training that leaves your agents struggling to know how to make it work in their everyday customer interactions. When coupled with our research and/or Service Quality Assessment, we customize training content to make our training job relevant with situation specific examples that your agents deal with everyday.

One of our most popular training techniques involves creating simulated phone calls with voice actors that are based on actual calls we’ve listened to and analyzed in our Service Quality Assessment. Anything that might identify the agent who took the actual calls is altered to protect privacy. The result is an actual customer service situation that the team can analyze and discuss. Skills and techniques can be presented and your agents can be trained on how to approach the real-life situation.

Whatever your need, c wenger group can customize a training approach for you and your team. We’ve developed one-time training events, monthly or quarterly team sessions, and unique training approaches to meet our clients’ needs and budget realities.


Conversation is free! We’d love to talk to you about your research, QA, or training needs. If you fill out the information below, one of our team members will contact you.

Note: c wenger group will maintain your privacy

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