Strategic and Competitive Insights

Analysis Analytics Bar graph Chart Data Information ConceptUnderstanding why customers buy from you—and why they buy from your competitors

Many companies can demonstrate high customer satisfaction rates and strong customer loyalty, but their customers still purchase from their competition from time to time. How often do they do so and why? How well do customer perceptions line up with your brand promise? What changes could you make to your selection, pricing, service to capture a larger share or your customers’ wallet? Are there any opportunities that you and your competitors are both missing? We create custom research strategies to help you answer these questions.

Competitive Purchasing
We can design approaches to provide insight into your customers’ purchasing practices and habits, providing quantitative information about your share of your customers’ total in-category purchasing. The Competitive Purchasing Analysis helps you estimate the magnitude of your opportunity to grow share, providing information about where to focus your efforts between increasing customer counts increasing your “share of customer” – useful insights to help you optimize your growth strategy.

Brand and Strategic Positioning
How do customers define your brand? What characteristics (product quality, technology, price, value, manufacturing flexibility, delivery, ease of doing business, etc.) are the primary differentiators of company positioning in the mind of the customer? Besides these rational differentiators, are there important relational or emotional differentiators (prestige, trust, identity, fun)? How are you and your competitors positioned on these dimensions? Which competitive positions are the most desirable? Are there any potentially desirable positions not currently occupied (i.e. unmet customer needs)? We offer proven, turnkey projects that can answer these questions and yield easy-to-interpret results to help guide your branding and strategic positioning strategy.

Identifying Drivers of Customer Loyalty
What competitive characteristics drive customer loyalty and repeat purchasing in your market? What are your key strengths versus competition? Key opportunities? Which competitive attributes really matter and which ones matter little? Our Competitive Loyalty Analyses can identify the key aspects of your value proposition—and provide insight into how well you are performing versus competitors.

Whether you are a continual user of marketing research or this is your company’s very first effort to measure customer opinions, we can help. Our clients tell us that one of our strengths is making research approachable, understandable, and above all, practical. We invite you to contact us with your questions.

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