Expert Services for Small Business and Start-Ups

Businessman writing business related words on the screenTurnkey customer satisfaction survey insights for busy entrepreneurs

Busy entrepreneurs are often too busy running their businesses to design well-constructed surveys and collect useful customer data. As a result, many smaller and even mid-sized companies either rely on “seat of the pants” intuition about their customers or on questionable-quality data from their own home-grown surveys. Furthermore, traditional marketing research firms and agencies have geared their business model around larger enterprise-level clients, pricing their expertise out of the range of smaller businesses.

At C Wenger Group, we develop cost-effective, turnkey solutions equipping savvy small businesses with meaningful customer survey data that helps make them companies even more successful. We are a small business ourselves, and we truly enjoy helping smaller companies compete and grow. We can design a methodologically sound, completely turnkey process customized to your business needs. Your time commitment in the design is minimal and the cost is very affordable. We even help you interpret the results so you can take actions to improve customer loyalty and your competitiveness.

Our smaller business clients often start the process with a one-time Pilot Customer Satisfaction survey. After they experience the proven value of the actionable insights they receive from the pilot effort, many choose to implement an ongoing Customer Experience or Voice of the Customer survey process.

We can help you determine an approach that best fits your need. To learn more, contact us to schedule a 20-minute phone consultation. We’ll ask you a few questions about your business and quickly determine an approach that makes practical sense for you. The conversation will be friendly and confidential. You’ll receive a ballpark cost estimate, but no sales pitch.

Note: c wenger group will maintain your privacy

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