Coffee Time Links – May 6

Cwg_coffee_cup_lr_3 Grab the java, take five, enjoy five:

  • I’ve always known that my comrades in sales have a little different way of seeing business and the world. Stan DeVaugn’s post articulated it better than I ever could have. If you work with sales people – this is a must read.
  • If you’re interested in the future of communication, then you better pay attention to how young people are using technology and you better read Chris Clarke’s post.
  • I love to read Mike over at Feedfire. He not only keeps me up-to-date on the latest on noxious substances about to hit the fan in technology, but does so with a sharp wit (coming from the other side of the pond) that keeps me laughing.
  • For anyone who’s stared at the screen wondering what in the world to blog about today, Easton Ellsworth has some sage advice.
  • Steve Portigal reminded me of my days as a paperboy and reminded me not to blame him when the newspapers die.

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Happy Blogtipping Day! – Meet Mike Sansone

Blog_tippingI’ve linked to Mike Sansone multiple times, but since Mike introduced me to blogtipping, I’d like to practice what he’s preaching on him. Mike’s blog, Converstations, is a great depot for your train of thought. His expertise will make you a better blogger and his "whistle stops" will flip the switch and taking you chugging off to new and unexplored territories in the blogosphere.

Three things I like about Mike’s blog:

  1. He writes in perfect, nugget-sized chunks that make for an easy and quick stop into his station.
  2. He is always out there looking for interesting people and innovative ideas on the cutting edge of blogging – and, as a reader, you’re the beneficiary.
  3. Mike understands the principle: "give and it shall be given unto you." He has a wealth of knowledge and he gives it away each day, knowing that it will return to him in overflowing measure.

One suggestion for Mike’s blog:

  1. Sometimes our strengths can create our own blind-spots. Mike can be generous to a fault in sharing others’ links and information. Because I’ve gotten to know Mike in person, I realize that the techno-speak and link-heavy content of Converstations doesn’t always allow his own amazing personality to shine through. I’d like to see Mike share a little more of himself – his thoughts, experiences, ideas and opinions.

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Flickr photo courtesy of Tonx

Coffee Time Links – April 28

Cwg_coffee_cup_lr_2Break time? Grap a cup of java, my friend. Let me introduce you to five very nice people who have something interesting to say:

  1. Delaney Kirk shares a some great tips for all trainers, teachers and presenters regarding getting control of the classroom.
  2. Krishna learned a lesson this week about responding to unfair, narrow-minded rejection.
  3. Pat Hassett has a worthwhile nugget for anyone selling, upselling, cross-selling, or training and coaching people who sell, upsell or cross-sell.
  4. Jeneane Sessum wrote a heart-felt letter to her CSR at America West airlines – it’s the letter we all think about writing from time to time and definitely worth a read!
  5. Grant English had a bumper sticker sighting that will give you a chuckle today.

Enjoy, and thanks for joining me for coffee time (I hate to drink alone!)

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