Coffee Time Links 1-08-07

It’s Monday. Start the week off right. Fifteen minutes, one cup of coffee, five great links:

  • Maria Palma, as always, provides great content with her Customer Service tips of the day!
  • Starbucker’s Mopey & Harry give us some good thoughts on getting through the first week (or two) of the new year.
  • CRM Lowdown gives us the 10 Best and Worst companies for call center service. You might be surprised who made each list.
  • Alex Blythe at WhatPC? reminds us that customer satisfaction research is only worthwhile if it provides actionable information and you use it.
  • Keelan over at Thornley Fallis reports on a health care provider who finally gets it – providing current wait times at all of their 11 doctor’s offices via the web – I wonder if their using feeds to do it?

Coffee Time Links – 12/27/06

Christmas is over. New Year’s is approaching. Short work week. It’s time to kick your heels up and enjoy fifteen minutes, one cup o’ joe and five great links (and a Partridge in a Pear Tree!)

  • Ginger Conlon over at 1to1 Media has some great thoughts about redifining the "C" in One Call Resolution.
  • Jason Stoffer has a great take on sales in the Contact Center.
  • Jamie Rubin is having an interesting service experience with Comcast.
  • Dale Wolf reports on some interesting news about contact center growth in Brazil.
  • This report from Bearing Point: $20 Billion spent in CRM Solutions by the financial services industry and no needles are moving on the ol’ Net Promoter Scores. Hey folks, it ain’t the tool – it’s what you do with it. Call me! We’ll do lunch.

Coffee Time Links – Dec 7, 2006

Coffee_time_13Fifteen minutes, one cup o’ joe, five great links

  • C.B. Whittemore introduced me to Jack Mitchell and his book "Hug Your Customers". I like hugs, and I appreciate C.B.’s posts!
  • Bill over at Vox shared this great article from Business Week. It seems that Dell, Home Depot and Northworst – er – Northwest airlines are focused on the bottom line, and customer satisfaction is in major decline!
  • Andrew Griffiths asks "What Exactly is Customer Service?"
  • Mabel over at Pith and Vinegar (gotta love that) reminds us that business is personal.
  • Mila at Think Customers has an interesting post about how American Girl Place creates lasting relationships (and having survived two pre-adolescent daughters – I can tell you they produced a lot of revenue – right outta my pocket!).

Coffee Time Links – Nov 26, 2006

We’ve all had our turkey, our football, our shopping and our naps. It’s time for the reality of a full work week. There’s no better way to ease back into the grind than: One cup of coffee, fifteen minutes, and five great links!

  • Check out this example of bad service from YouTube!
  • Starbucker, true to form, has a great Thanksgiving story worth reading and (passing along).
  • Ed Sykes gives us his Six Secrets for Outstanding Customer Retention.
  • CRM Today announced a new book promising to help front-line service providers to handle difficult customers
  • Service Untitled offers a free pdf download of The Executives Quick Guide to Customer Service.

Coffee Time Links – 10/24/06

The Coffee Time Links Mantra:

Fifteen minutes.
One cup of coffee.
Five great links.

  • Annys Shin of the Washington Post wrote an interesting article about call centers using an emerging technology called "voice analytics" to monitor the tone and pitch of customers in an effort to flag escalated calls.
  • Ann Onimous is back! Ann started Call Center QA Blues a while back, but went on hiatus for about a year. Glad you got back into the game, Ann!
  • From Ann’s blog roll I found James Richards’ Work-Related Blogs and News. James offers a gold-mine of work-related information and has a blog roll with an amazing number of work-related blogs.
  • For those of you who may be wondering about getting into this whole blogging thing, you need Ted Demopoulos‘ book 101 Things No One Ever Tells You About Blogging & Podcasting. A humble thanks to Ted for letting QAQnA have our two cents worth in the book!.
  • Craig Harrison offers us a light-hearted multiple choice test of our Customer Service Knowledge.

Coffee Time Links – Aug 31

It’s month-end. You need a break. QAQnA has the perfect recipe: One cup of coffee, 15 minutes and five great links:

  • Have you heard of Shelter Box? You’ve got to check this out! What a great way to serve your fellow man. Kudos to Tom Henderson and his team of Rotarians for putting the Rotary motto "service above self" into practice!
  • I recently stumbled on Kim Procter’s blog, which chronicles Kim’s everyday service experiences and uses them as learning experiences for all of us.
  • Jam Mayer had a great post celebrating the QA team as the "unsung heroes" in the call center. I couldn’t agree more!
  • Daniel Obregon of at the eStara blog quotes some recent research on a hot topic in the customer service world: those annoying IVRs.
  • Dr. John Gora wrote a post about Neuro-Linguistic Programming – I know it’s a mouthful – but it was really interesting

Coffee Time Links – Aug 4

It’s Friday. Slow down. Grab a cup of coffee. Take fifteen minutes. Check out five links.

  • This is a bit off topic, but it is Friday. My lovely wife sent me this link today. These folks are taking some of the best rock n’ roll and turning it into lullaby music for babies.
  • Mug Clubber, Phil Gerbyshak, shares an interesting post about "energy management" – as opposed to "time management".
  • I’ve recently had the pleasure of getting to know Zane Safrit, and I’ve gotten to experience the quality service that his company provides. I always appreciate those who understand that there’s a greater mission to business than just making money to put in our pockets. That’s why I wasn’t surprised by his post last week.
  • Speaking of helping out a worthy cause, perhaps Zane received some inspiration from his friend John Jantsch over at Duct Tape Marketing who wrote an excellent post about partnering with non-profits.
  • Finally, I must admit to a very funny circumstance I got myself into. A few weeks ago at Liz Strauss’ open mic night I met Ben Yoskovitz who has been sending his donkey, Basil, all over the world with a copy of a Fawlty Towers DVD. Rumor has it, Basil is scheduled to make a stop in Pella! I’ll keep you "posted"!

Coffee Time Links – July 25

Fifteen minutes. One cup o’ joe. Five great links. Ahhhhhhhhhhh….

  • Easton Ellsworth reports that there are some exciting changes to CoComment for bloggers. You’ve never used CoComment? I’m using it now. You should, too!
  • Mark True accused me this morning of being a crazed, naked Irishman! Now, I have Irish blood on my mom’s side, but I had to read Michael Wagner’s post to understand Mark’s accusation. Strike up the pipers!
  • Heidi Miller introduced me to Chris Brogan at who reminds us that sometimes a hand written thank you stands out in a world of e-mail bytes and voice-mail beeps. As someone who still relishes the tactile feel of a nice pen in my hand gliding over paper, I heartily agree!
  • Robyn McMaster gave a humbling report about being present when Dr. Ellen Weber received her Mug Club mug. Thanks Robyn! You made my day!
  • Anonymous Cog has been writing a little twilight-zone-esque serial. What happens when his dead 5th grade Sunday School teacher shows up in his monitor at work?

Coffee Time Links July 8

Coffee_time_6 15 minutes. 1 cup o’ joe. 5 great links.

  • John Agno has some great thoughts for leading the way in making the workplace a positive environment.
  • Lori over at Smart Lemming warns us to watch our ‘sighs’.
  • Robert Cenek explores key predictors in turnover. Can it be predicted and avoided?
  • Presentation Zen makes the case that you – yes YOU – are creative.
  • Cuileann McKenzie and her husband used a little creativity to address their differences and found that coffee was good for their marriage (isn’t coffee good for anything?)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Coffee Time Links – June 24

Coffee_time_4It’s the weekend! Take a break. Grab another cup of coffee, and enjoy a few choice links:

  • I found my way to Sonnie Santos’ porch this week, and I’m glad I did. He gives us all a good litmus test to see if we’re too busy.
  • I met Christine Kane at (newest Mug Clubber) Liz Strauss‘ villa in Tuscany this week and was glad I did. I can’t wait to see her perform in Des Moines this September.
  • Speaking of Tuscany, I also shared my crayons with Kathleen Fasanella, whose blog has given me an interesting perspective on the fashion industry – of which I have previously been completely ignorant. Hey – they have quality and customer service issues, too!
  • I also met Joe – who has a blog about working at home, and since I work out of a home office, I’m looking forward to hearing more of his perspectives.
  • Last but certainly not least, Mark Wade gave me some great input about Savannah College of Art and Design (my daughter’s thinking about going there). His blog is a great one on using blogging and RSS as a means to improve your web traffic and business.

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