Mark Your Calendar: Blogtipping Day – June 1

BlogtippingJust a reminder to everyone that the next Blogtipping Day is June 1. QAQnA salutes Easton Ellsworth for the cool new buttons and icons he’s provided for anyone who wants to join in.

What is Blogtipping?

Take a blog, any blog. Write a post sharing three things you like about the blog and one "tip" you have for the author.  You aren’t limited to one. You can blogtip as many as you want. Make sure you "tag" your post: blogtipping.

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Introducing the QAQnA “Mug Club”

Qaqna_badgeIn the spirit of spreading goodwill throughout the blogosphere and because I truly love coffee with my Coffee Time Links, QAQnA is proud to institue our monthly "Mug Club" Award. The award will be given to bloggers who distinguish themselves as a friend of QAQnA through:

  1. Providing quality content in their own blogs
  2. Posting quality comments on QAQnA
  3. Linking to QAQnA
  4. Acts of goodwill that extend the conversation

Winners who are willing to provide us with a mailing address will receive a FREE coffee mug (to enjoy a hot cup o’ joe while reading Coffee Time Links)! They will also receive the nifty QAQnA "Mug Club badge" you see here to place on their blog. In addition, they will be placed on the Mug Club Roll on QAQnA, and will be the focus of a Mug Club Award post that will shower them with praise and adoration.

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Blogtipping Follow-Up

Blog_tipping_2Yesterday I was talking to Mike Sansone and he mentioned that his latest post included his sleep number. He shared this most personal of information with us because I had blog-tipped him about letting people get to know him better through his posts [I’m not sure I need to know his sleep number, but it’s a start Mike – good job!]

The other blog I blog-tipped was Service Untitled. In case you haven’t heard, Douglas agreed to open up comments on his blog and join in the conversation! Way to go! I guess I wasn’t the only one to make this suggestion, and I’m glad he’s being responsive.

Next Blog-tipping day is June 1! Mark your calendars now!

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