QA Program and Process Audit

Working And Wearing HeadphonesYou have a QA program in place, but you’re not sure it’s everything it should be. There are questions about the reliability of the results and a desire to improve the process to make it more useful and effective.

c wenger group assists companies to audit, assess, and reorganize their internal QA programs providing you with straight feedback from an objective source. Leveraging a quarter century of experience, our team can help you identify problems, potential weaknesses, and chart a course for correction.

As always, we are open to creating a custom audit solution to meet your team’s needs and budget realities. Here are three graduating levels of audit our team typically performs:

A Consultative QA Audit is the most basic of our audit methods. Our team systematically reviews your current methodology, scorecard, sampling, process, data, and reports. We also interview representative members from every part of the process (Executives, Managers, Supervisors, QA team members, Front Line CSRs, et al). From the review and interviews we provide you with a detailed S.W.O.T. analysis highlighting what we find to be the program’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

With a Cooperative QA Audit affords you all the benefits of a Consultative Audit, but it takes the audit one step further by having our auditor(s) analyze a sample of calls utilizing your system and scorecard. The calls are the same calls your own QA team has analyzed. We provide you with detailed data of where we find significant differences between our analysts and yours and where data reveal significant disparities between analysts. You have the S.W.O.T. analysis of the Consultative Audit and real data pointing clearly to areas of proven need.

The Comparative QA Audit allows our group to help you reimagine what your QA program could be. With this audit, our team takes a sample of phone calls that have been analyzed with your team’s internal process. We then design and perform our own Service Quality Assessment on the same sample calls, giving you the analysis, data, and reports that we typically provide to our regular clients. The comparative audit allows you to experience a greater depth of data, information and feedback than you typically get from your internal program. Comparing internal data side-by-side with our Service Quality Assessment reveals strengths and weaknesses of your internal process and provides a working example of the benefits a different methodology affords and concrete ideas you may wish to adopt into your own process.

Whatever your level of need, c wenger group  will help design an audit that will give you profitable results and help you successfully take your QA program to a higher level.

Conversation is free! We’d love to talk to you about your research, QA, or training needs. If you fill out the information below, one of our team members will contact you.

Note: c wenger group will maintain your privacy

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