“The Best is Yet to Come”

chwengerIn December our group’s founder, Charles D. (Chuck) Wenger passed away after a long, full and fruitful life in which he touched the lives of many. Chuck and his wife Charleen began C Wenger Group back in the 1970s. In those years Chuck’s consulting work focused on marketing efforts for Billy Graham’s World Wide Pictures. He and Charleen moved the family to Des Moines, Iowa in the early 1980s and he did similar work for Mark IV Pictures. By the late 1980s the group began to grow and it was in the early 1990s that the group’s current focus on customer satisfaction, surveys, market research, quality assessment and training began to evolve.

Charleen preceded Chuck in death in the late 1990s.Chuck retired at the end of 2004 and all equity in the group transferred to senior group members Scott Wier and Tom Vander Well. Chuck continued to serve as Chairman of our Board until his death and he was an ever present source of wisdom and inspiration. Chuck continued to serve on other corporate Boards after his retirement but dedicated most of his time and energy to founding a non-profit group, Band of Brothers in Christ, which focused on Chuck’s passion for the discipleship of young men in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Chuck was fond of reminding us all that “the best is yet to come” at every opportunity. His faith in Jesus Christ motivated every aspect of his life, our group included, and we fully believe that in finishing his journey on earth Chuck has fully realized the truth of his favorite words of encouragement.

Chuck will be greatly missed, but the impact he had on our company and the lives of both group members and clients will never go away. Chuck instilled in our group the qualities of honesty, servant heartedness, faithfulness, and operating both life and business by the principles of God’s Word. C Wenger Group will continue to honor Chuck, his legacy, his faith, hope, and love.

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