Customer Service Truth is Stranger than Fiction

The following conversation was reported to (the customer is) Not Always Right from a telecommunications tech support agent who was setting up a work order on May 20th, one day before the predicted return of Jesus, the rapture of the saints, and the consequential end of the world:

Me: “Now, sir, I have appointments open for the 21st. Would that work at all?”

Caller: “Well, yes, we should be around, unless we get Raptured. In that case, we might want to cancel it. Or, if we don’t, we might not want to cancel it. Not sure which one is the bigger problem.”

Me: “Sir, I do assure you we are well prepared for either eventuality–return of Christ or not. Now, barring Rapture, I have a 1 – 3 pm and 3 – 5 pm. Which would you’d prefer?”

Caller: “1 – 3 pm. If we don’t get Raptured, we want time for looting.”

10 thoughts on “Customer Service Truth is Stranger than Fiction

  1. Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. Fictional and that Criterion customer service is actually handled by several people. Fiction is an indispensable tool for business.

  2. Fiction editing service, critiques, novel and manuscript editing. Service gives you details of limits to liability, site usage, and restrictions. Services designed to assist both fiction and non fiction writers.

  3. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. I have read the Terms of Service and the comment you are posting is in compliance with such terms. This is because fiction is obliged to stick.

  4. Good Customer service is all about creating Moments of Magic. Customer service is begins with mapping a generic customer’s experience and determining the moments of truth. customer services means being overly friendly and taking too much of your time.

  5. As Per my Knowledge, Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. The competition in the private sector should create a higher level of customer service than in the public sector. Customer Service is a Key Components for the Business.

  6. Customer services means being overly friendly and taking too much of your time. it’s
    important to open the conversation on a Human Level before doing the business. There are some critical times in the interaction.

  7. Finding new customers is an expensive business, and this is Depends on your Service that you had provided to your Customer. businesses can enhance service delivery and improve satisfaction.

  8. I had seen the Conversation of the Customer and the Agent. I must say that Some Times Customer are wrong and they wrongly blamed the Agent or Company. This is not an good Things.

  9. Some Customer get the frustrate on the Agent or service Provider because of Poor Service of particular company. I think, Company have must provided the Good service to the Customer.

  10. We are all familiar of the quotation “Customer is always right”. But sometimes some customers are not right that’s why agents must have a good quality service on every customer to increase customer satisfaction and to gain customers loyalty.

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