Things You Learn Capturing Calls

As the QA provider for some of our clients, c wenger group employs a small group of dedicated specialists whose job it is to weed through all of the phone calls recorded by the client’s recording software, determine which calls are usable for analysis, and assign them to the appropriate call analysts. The process of using different people for capturing & assigning ensures that those tasked with analyzying the calls don’t give in to the temptation of selecting only shorter calls, good calls or easy calls for analysis (and thus bias the sample). Most companies confine the QA program to what happened within a phone call, but a quick analysis of the call sample for a given agent, or group of agents, can be very revealing. Here are a few examples of issues our call capturers have brought to our attention:

  • One CSR had an average number of calls for their position, but 95 percent of the calls were from family and friends.
  • Another agent who worked a territory of regular customers checked his voice mail several times an hour but rarely took a call or made a call. We suspected that he was choosing not to answer the phone, checking the voice mail, then responding to the customer via e-mail as a way of having to avoid actually talking to customers.
  • One group of sales agents simply weren’t making any of the sales calls with which they were tasked. Either the recording software wasn’t working or all of the cold calls they manually recorded on their daily sales call log were…well, you get the idea.

Sometimes the built in accountability which comes from a QA team simply trying to identify calls for analysis can provide R.O.I. in identifying opportunities to increase productivity, or at least identify and address the lack of productivity which you may discover.

8 thoughts on “Things You Learn Capturing Calls

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  3. Tom

    I always listen to calls when I get a chance.  Don’t forget to listen tyo the calls coming through the IVR.  So many people just focus on the agent conversation.

    Kind regards


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