We’ve Improved! Why Isn’t the Customer Satisfied?

I’m working with a client’s contact center this week and the data from our Customer Satisfaction and Quality Assessment (QA) reveal an interesting story. The Customer Service team has been working on improving their service delivery, and the behavioral data from our on-going QA work reveal clear improvement in specific areas of the call. The improvement in call quality, however, has not translated into corresponding improvement in Customer Satisfaction.

So, in my presentations this week, I dug into the data with the Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) and Call Center management team. Because our Customer Satisfaction surveys have helped identify key drivers of the client’s customer satisfaction, specifically when the customers call the contact center, we could compare the improved CSR service behaviors to the key drivers of customer satisfaction.

The bottom line is that the improvements were great and will have a  positive impact  operationally, but the improvements weren’t necessarily in areas that their customers would immediately notice or reward. Some of the key service soft skills that will move the needle on customer satisfaction have been stagnant. If the contact center wants customers to reward them with increased satisfaction, they’ll have to keep doing a great job in their improved hard skills, but add to it the key soft skills for which their customers will reward them.

This week’s presentations have reminded me, once again, that focusing on industry standards, industry benchmarks, and best practices will only improve your customer’s satisfaction if those standards, benchmarks, and best practices are what your customers care about. Until you find out what matters to your customers and link them to your QA program, you might just be moving the needle on all the wrong things.

  2 comments for “We’ve Improved! Why Isn’t the Customer Satisfied?

  1. Ronnacaras
    April 4, 2012 at 3:19 pm

    It does seem to come down to how the people feel about the experience with the people.

  2. Laiq Khan
    April 5, 2012 at 4:39 am

    good practices, keep it up

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