“In case we get disconnected…”

We often hear Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) providing the phone number of the associate or department to whom they are transferring a caller. In providing the phone number, CSRs will often say “in case we get disconnected, the number you need is…”

The act of providing the phone number is a good one. It provides the caller with the contact information they need and may eliminate unnecessary future calls to the wrong person or department. However, when the reason you give for providing the number is “in case we get disconnected” you plant the subtle suggestion that disconnection is probably, necessitating the provision of the number. It’s a small thing, but it plants a seed in the customer’s mind that could quickly grow into an inappropriate lack of confidence.

Keep up the practice, but choose a better phrase:

  • “For your future reference…”
  • “Should you need to contact them directly in the future…”
  • “Let me make sure you have their number for your records…”
  • “I can give you the direct number so you have it…”
Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and sharynmorrow

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