FREE ACCP Meeting for Central Iowa Companies & Contact Centers

For readers and subscribers in the central Iowa area, please consider attending the ACCP event  April 21 sponsored by Avtex. The half-day event is FREE and the group will be touring the Principal Financial Group contact center in Des Moines.



We hope you can join us! It's a great chance to network
with your industry peers, discuss and share ideas!

MEETNG DATE: Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LOCATION: Principal Financial Group
6200 Park Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50321

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to tour
Principal Financial Group's Contact Center

Founded in 1879, the Principal Financial Group (The Principal) is a leader in offering businesses, individuals and institutional clients a wide range of financial products and services, including retirement and investment services, life and health insurance and banking through its diverse family of financial services companies.

As a 401(k) leader and a member of the FORTUNE 500, the Principal Financial Group has $280.4 billion in assets under management and serves some 18.6 million customers worldwide from offices in 12 countries throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America and the United States. The Principal employs 14,900 employees nationwide.

We hope you can join us! It's a great chance to network
with your industry peers, discuss and share ideas!


Registration, Network and Breakfast

Welcome and Introductions

Principal Financial Overview & Presentation:
    – Kim Post, Manager Client Contact Center
    – Rachel Torres, Manager Client Contact Center
    – Q & A Session

Tour Principal Financial
    – Chris Lynch, Manager Client Contact Center

Small Group Networking/Breakout Discussions
   Breakout Sessions
– Metrics – how are they used/how are they calculated
– Rewards on Metrics
– Economy – what changes were made due to the economy
– System Technologies
– VoIP
– Workforce Management/Staffing/Flexible Work time

Wrap-Up / Closing

* * Seating is limited * *
CLICK HERE to register today!


About ACCP:
The Association of Contact Center Professionals (ACCP) is a non-profit networking group of contact center professionals. ACCP consists of Contact Center Executives, Managers and Supervisors from various companies across central Iowa who meet to network and share their experiences on various topics relevant to today's contact center industry.

ACCP meetings are
FREE to attend!


Please forward this email to
other colleagues on your team
who may also have an interest
in attending this meeting. If you
need any assistance with your
registration, please email us at 800.323.3639

2 thoughts on “FREE ACCP Meeting for Central Iowa Companies & Contact Centers

  1. “..start your entire QA program with a valid, objective customer satisfaction survey… Find out what is really driving your customer’s satisfaction and loyalty… use that information in building and weighting your QA score card… surveys have measured the customer’s willingness to hear up-sells and cross-sells in a customer service interaction.”
    I am new to QA but I am running a department (yikes) writing the Quality Guidelines for our 70+ seat off shore call center, as well as, our corporate based Escalations Team and Spanish reps. I have created the QA score cards based on the training materials and QA guidelines. My boss is extremely sales driven and never having been over QA, pushes for the score card/ guidelines to be as general as possible with personal judgments being the basis for scores, except in sales (which holds 20% of their score). We have QA’s in Philippines who are fighting the “general score card,” a variance in score calibration, and a fluctuating CSAT and FCR score.
    We do have a customer satisfaction survey that customers can fill out online or at the end of the call but it is based on the top 5 complaints that are escalated to our corporate department. (1. Language skills, 2. Hold time, 3. agent knowledge, 4. did agent resolve issue on this call, 5. Would you recommend our company?) Our CSAT scores are over 85%, but after reading this article I am wondering if it is time for those questions to change.
    How do I go about creating a “valid, objective customer satisfaction survey to Find out what is driving our customer’s satisfaction and loyalty?” What kind of questions does a survey like this entail.
    Also, what is your opinion on having general guidelines?
    By the way… I LOVE this blog, I have been reading it since I started in QA. The information has been extremely helpful in KEEPING my 1st QA position!

  2. Thanks, Kay. I’m glad the blog has been helpful for you!
    A valid survey is generally not going to be an IVR or On-line survey to which customers “opt in.” While those types of surveys have their place and can provide some useful information, a survey that determines overall drivers of CSAT necessitates a random sample of all callers, not just those who opt in. As far as questions go, that can depend greatly on your business, the specific types of calls you take, and what information you want to get out of the survey.
    As far as general guidelines go, it depends on how you’re using the resulting information. My experience is that “General Guidelines” usually means “vague guidelines” in which each analyst’s interpretation can vary greatly. Calibration becomes almost impossible and there is no statistical validity to the resulting data. In addition, resulting feedback and coaching becomes completely dependent on the opinions and personality of the supervisor or coach providing it.
    You can create a “short” QA form that only has a handful of critical behaviors, but the list of behaviors should be specifically defined so that multiple analysts can review the call and acheive the same result.

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