Great Resolutions for 2010

Looking ahead to a new year. Looking ahead to 2010? What are you going to accomplish? What are your goals? How are you going to make this year a banner year?

Here are a few suggestions to make 2010 a year of continuously improving quality:

  • Survey your customers. The most fundamental mistake that companies make in assessing quality is ignoring what your customers think, want and expect. The second most fundamental mistake is making educated guesses about what your customers think, want, and expect based on questionable data. Make an investment in a truly random, focused survey of customers right after they've called your company. Get some good data that will allow you to make tactical, actionable decisions which will impact satisfaction, loyalty, and the bottom line.
  • Clean up your QA process. Many companies have a QA process that was hobbled together on the fly just to get it done. It's got problems. The scale has issues. The CSRs have legitimate complaints. The QA team and supervisors fight like an old married couple. Make this year the year that you get the program streamlined, cleaned up and effectively working for you.
  • Get calibrated. You know you've got "QA Nazis" on your team who are using the program to bludgeon CSRs into submission. You've also got "QA Hippies" who are letting CSRs get away with murder in an altruistic effort to boost their self-esteem. You know you need to get everyone on the same page and get them working together, but it's been too easy to just ignore it. It's a new year. It's a new decade. What a great time to start getting everyone working together and analyzing calls consistently.
  • Increase QA's reach. QA data can be utilized for so much more than agent evaluation. What are you hearing from customers about the latest promotion? How can you correlate spikes in talk time to call types? What issues drive the most unresolved calls? Many call centers struggle with getting upper management to support investments in QA. What if QA provided more than just a CSR scorecard? What if QA provided tactical data that helps operations, marketing, IT, and sales make better decisions? It's a great year to start thinking outside the box with the things you're measuring!

A very Happy New Year to all of our readers and subscribers. Here's to a prosperous, high-quality year in 2010. If there's any way our group can help your team achieve your goals, please let me know!

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and optical_illusion

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