The Call Center as Social Media Outpost

Customers talk about you on Twitter. At ICMI's ACCE 09 conference last month, the buzz was around expanding the call center to become a social media outpost. It is rapidly becoming clear that interacting with customers is no longer just through phone calls. Interacting with customers must happen through the emerging communication channels like Facebook and Twitter.

I recently had an article come across my desk from Keith Fiveson of ITESA. He agrees:

Agents can outreach and act as a “social media outpost” casting their net to capture conversations, hear, and deal with hearts, minds, problems and people that impact your business products or services. Problems are inherent, in any business and it is essential that you are diligent in addressing and resolving them. Using a contact center as a “Social Media Outpost” is a good strategy to address concerns, bad press or consumer affairs issues that can plague the best brand management strategy.

Here's the entire article: Download The New Frontier Your Call Center as a Social Media Outpost

Are you preparing your call center for the new frontier of customer communication?

One thought on “The Call Center as Social Media Outpost

  1. I think that Customer Service through Twitter has been overhyped.
    Yes you need to have one or two people monitoring it, but the real key is to make sure
    1. Your products work well
    2. You make it easy to get online support information
    3. You provide good customer service
    If you don’t do this then it will become very visible to people through Twitter.

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