Great Week at ICMI’s ACCE 2009

Icmi acce logo I've enjoyed my week at ACCE 2009 in Las Vegas. I presented a half-day workshop on "Building an Effective QA Form" and appreciated the great participation and the kind response from attendees. While I've been tweeting up a storm from various sessions (you can follow me @tomvanderwell), it's taken me some time to sit down and write a post.

A couple of personal highlights:

  • Congratulations to American Express UK for winning ICMI's call center of the year award!
  • Contact Solutions motivated everyone to tweet up during the week.
  • I personally thought a few speakers fell in the "entertaining concept, no practical value" category, but I was pleased to connect with Bob Furniss who "leads with the heart" and is passionate about making a measureable difference.
  • While the call monitoring hard hitters were present with their "we can do everything and have the price tag to prove it" software, I was intrigued to hear how CXM is trying to make call monitoring affordable for the little guys.
  • Patrick Morrissey of Salesforce had an exceptional presentation and made an engaging case for why their web-based Service Cloud, which helps clients track customer engagement with social media, is an important part of cutting edge customer service.
  • It was great to meet Dustin Hou of ICMI China, and to learn about the excitement around the growing call center industry in China.

Most of all, it was great to network with some real call center pros who are passionate about their employees, their customers and making "quality" more than a buzzword. These exceptional professionals include, but are certainly not limited to Karen Reilley (MonaVie), Eddie Rios (Governor's University), G. Randall Sherwin (Beachbody), Tiffani Doherty (Progressive), Jennifer Fitzherbert (Virtual-Agent Services), Richard Gasbarro (APC), Michael Wishnick (AP), and Cindy Sheridan (Lincoln Military Housing).

  3 comments for “Great Week at ICMI’s ACCE 2009

  1. Jennifer Fitzherbert
    October 10, 2009 at 1:50 am

    Thank you, Tom! It was a pleasure to join your class and learn from one of the best in the business! Cheers!

  2. October 13, 2009 at 3:27 am

    The web-based Service Cloud seems a very good idea. In recent times, I’ve seen more and more people rant about their bad customer experience on Twitter. My Google analytics also show the same trend with more SE users finding their way to my blog about a troublesome experience by a customer with a Department store giant. I think surveys are a thing of the past.

  3. October 13, 2009 at 7:10 am

    You’re right! Of all the presentations from last week, the Service Cloud keynote seems to have reverberated the most with the audience.
    I will respectfully disagree with you about surveys being a thing of the past. If we depend only on anecdotal feedback from the web, we are focused only on the squeaky wheel. It’s the same problem as basing all of your CSAT on IVR surveys. There is built in response bias. If you want a truly random sample of your customer’s thoughts and opinions, you need to actively reach out to a truly random sample of customers. That includes customers who are on Twitter and those who are not. Those who like taking IVR surveys and those who do not. Those who are vocal about their experience and those who are not.
    Only paying attention to the relatively small number of vocal customers at the expense of the silent majority can be a costly mistake.

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