Prioritizing Goals for Improvement

Making the list of my goals. Through years of helping struggling QA programs and training/coaching CSRs, I've found an opportunity for improvement that is consistently overlooked within the organization. The opportunity is found in the setting of performance management goals or QA improvement goals.

CSRs and front-line supervisors will often go down the QA report quickly and pick out the lowest scoring elements to place as the highest priorities for improvement. However, years of crunching QA data reveal that the lowest scoring elements on the QA form are usually those behaviors that rarely apply and, therefore, carry relatively little weight in the customer's overall service experience.

For example, hold etiquette and transfer elements typically apply to a relatively small percentage of calls. Because these elements are required less frequently, they tend to be easily forgotten and CSRs in the contact center usually score poorly on them.

When setting goals for improvement, I'll hear CSRs quicky say, "I need to work on thanking the caller for holding!" because their score is so low. But, they only put the customer on hold on 8 out of every 100 calls. An element that applies far more often, like apologizing for the caller's unmet expectations, may have a much higher score but represents a higher priority for improvement. It applies more often and will have a much greater impact on the overall customer experience.

When setting goals for improvement, be sure to consider applicability and relative impact on the customer experience as well as the QA score itself!

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and anitacanita

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