Call Monitoring Is Essential to Acheiving Contact Center Goals

QAQnA regular, Glenn Ross, recently gave us a heads up on an interesting article from CRM magazine by Donna Fluss. The article lists the Top Ten Contact Center Goals for 2009:

    1.    Improving productivity and reducing operating expenses
    2.    Retaining customers
    3.    Generating incremental revenue
    4.    Providing an outstanding customer experience
    5.    Increasing use of self-service systems
    6.    Reducing agent attrition
    7.    Identifying reasons customers call or email
    8.    Migrating to virtual environments
    9.    Improving the perception of the contact center
    10.  Preventing outsourcing for the wrong reasons

What struck me about the list is that an effective call monitoring and QA program is either essential or can be instrumental in acheiving almost every item on the list.

Is there anything you would add to the list? Anything you would subtract?

Is your QA program positioned to help acheive these goals?

6 thoughts on “Call Monitoring Is Essential to Acheiving Contact Center Goals

  1. Tom, always good to read and learn from you.
    The title of this post hit me since something in me wishes watching/listening to others at work wasn’t essential.
    Of course, I don’t have any meaningful experience in your industry. So I hold my options very lightly.
    Is call monitoring a coaching device mostly? Or is it more than that? Accountability?
    Just thinking out loud.
    Keep creating…practical surprise,

  2. Hi Tom/Glen
    I would add to the list ‘Adopt a coaching culture’. I think this underpins everything we do, and delivers the goals listed.
    Through coaching we can promote ‘self assessment’ from the call centre team members. This effectively inverts the call monitoring process gradually taking away the need for ‘management auditing’ of calls.
    Coaching builds a ‘committed’ rather than a ‘compliant’ workforce, especially when used in a one to one and team capacity.
    Without a team of highly skilled coaches, delivery of the Top Ten goals will be that much more difficult.
    Happy coaching!

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