Cost Savings for Corporations and Call Centers

Save money. Another potential cost savings for large companies and call centers is found in the jungle of their telephony contracts. Bill Hansen of Teleplus Consulting is a long time friend and colleague who has an interesting business proposition that costs you nothing but can potentially save you a tremendous amount of money.

I find that the most profound things are simple, and Teleplus' business is simple. Bill and his team will pour over all of your voice, data, and wireless contracts. They actually read the fine print. They know the industry inside and out. They know all of the current schemes, scams and competitive rates. They find out if you're in a good position or if you're getting ripped off. They can  point out places where you can save. If you're getting ripped off, they will go to bat for you to help negotiate or re-negotiate your contracts. At the end, all they ask is a capped percentage of your savings. If they can't save you any money, they simply congratulate you and walk away (and you never get a bill).

I know companies have saved millions of dollars. I know, if I was on the leadership team of a large company, I would want to be the hero who emailed Bill and recruited him to play for our team. He's someone you want in your bull pen.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and Tracy Olson

  1 comment for “Cost Savings for Corporations and Call Centers

  1. March 19, 2009 at 11:27 am

    This is the right way forward to save some bucks and grow.
    Shawn Willis

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