Be Careful How You Talk About Your Own Business

Hotel breakfast bar. I'm travelling this week. This morning I walked down to the "breakfast bar" in the hotel to fill my cup with coffee and was greeted by the woman who manages the daily morning offering of food. She greeted me warmly with a cheery, "Good morning." I reciprocated her greeting and began to walk past the decent spread of food laid out on the counter on the way back to my room.

"It looks like you've got some good stuff for us this morning," I said enthusiastically in an attempt to make some pleasant small talk with the woman.

"Well," she said, her tone suddenly dropping a couple of octaves, "We've got 'stuff.' I don't know how good it is!"

"Wow," I thought to myself. "Then, I think I'll pass. Thank you very much."

Be careful what you say about your own products or services. Customers (or potential customers) may make buying decisions based on your off-hand, small talk comment!

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickrand veesees

  1 comment for “Be Careful How You Talk About Your Own Business

  1. December 19, 2008 at 7:52 am

    Great post, Tom. It amazes me, too, what people will say like that … as an aside … in a whisper … with a wink and a nod … about their company … co-worker … boss … spouse … neighbor …

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