Are You Producing Results or Just a Number?

95_3Our group recently performed an audit of our client’s internal quality process. In a QA audit, our team typically analyzes a sample of calls which have already been scored by the client’s Quality or Supervisory team. After analyzing the same calls using the client’s internal QA scale, our audit typically pin-points several improvement opportunities. An audit can reveal:

  • QA analysts or Supervisors who are unduly harsh in their analysis
  • QA analysts or Supervisors who are unduly lenient in their analysis
  • Areas of the QA scale which are creating confusion among analysts and CSRs
  • Elements within the scale which are driving calibration problems
  • Policies or procedures which are undermining the effectiveness of the program

For example, in our recent audit we took a look at the dates and times on the Supervisors QA reports. It became quickly apparent that most supervisors were waiting until the last possible minute before starting their QA analysis for the month. They then rifled through their assigned calls. Elements were easily missed. The analysis was shoddy and the results were unreliable.

I have witnessed many a call center manager who simply wants a quality report on his or her desk once a month. Typically, they just want a number. I’ve even witnessed call center managers who will say to their teams, "I don’t care how you do it. I just want a report with a ’95’ or better on my desk on the last day of each month." The number is never questioned. The methodology used to derive the number is given no consideration. What’s worse, the question is never asked: "Is the process used to analyze the calls actually having an impact on front-line service?"

If your quality program is about providing a report with a number, perhaps you should print the same report each month and stop wasting everyone’s time.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and Leo Reynolds

2 thoughts on “Are You Producing Results or Just a Number?

  1. A colleague of mine recently told me that hired an outside consultant to come in and re-audit their organization. The score he came up with was quite different than the internal audit that was performed.
    Do you find that hiring and outside source for checks and balances is a good way to keep your center honest?

  2. That’s a great question. Yes, we do find common differences between our analysis, as a third party, and the internal call analysis. Sometimes it is a matter of honesty. Other times, it can be that the tools they have developed are not as effective as they should. The quality program can be set up in such a way that it doesn’t pay to be honest. There are all sorts of reasons why things get broken.
    Getting an objective party doing an audit can quickly pin-point improvement opportunities!

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