Call Monitoring for Beginners

Bigstockphoto_toned_and_high_contraTechnology is making it easier and easier for businesses to monitor phone calls. It used to be that "your call may be monitored to ensure quality service" was exclusive to giant corporations, but small and mid-sized businesses are learning that the ability to do Quality Assessment is well within their grasp.

Call Centre Helper magazine recently published a Beginners Guide to Call Recording which does a beautiful job of outlining the whys and hows of call recording – including the following considerations of calculating the Return on Investment:

• Increases in sales revenue from telephone transactions or improved sales techniques
• Increases in first-time resolution due to improved customer service skills
• Reduction in call handling times due to improved product knowledge
• Increased efficiency: fewer agents can handle more calls in the same period
• Recording identifies targeted training needs, which can result in reduced training costs
• Company liability can be protected by proving call content to resolve disputes

Our group has served companies with only 1 person who spends most of his/her time on the phone talking to customers. The process pays off. In one case, we’ve watched as that 1 person now supervises five people who are among the best consistently performing customer service teams we’ve monitored. They have built a reputation in their marketplaces as the company with the best customer service, and their sales are going through the roof.

What are you waiting for?

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