Companies Improve Operations & Forget Customers

Bigstockphoto_business_focus_5680_2I had a wonderful conversation yesterday afternoon with a client. This person has been tasked with improving quality in the contact center, but feels the company is so focused on organization, operations, and cost efficiencies that they’ve become the lone voice speaking out for the customer experience.

Then, in a moment of synchronicity, alert blogger Glenn Ross sent me this article about Dimension Data’s research which shows companies are too focused on operations and not oriented enough on the customer relationship:

"…organizations in the $130 billion worldwide contact center industry are not fully leveraging
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) initiatives and instead are focusing on
improving operational efficiencies, reducing costs and improving services

While Dimension is clearly pushing for CRM, the underlying problem is very real. Are you so focused on operations that you risk putting together a lean, mean, certified operation only to find that your customers are no longer around to take advantage of it?

One thought on “Companies Improve Operations & Forget Customers

  1. Your topic “Companies Improve Operations & Forget Customers” is informative. CRM process enables sales, operations, and finance to work from the same records, increasing companywide operating efficiencies.

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