Money CAN Buy Happiness?!

GiveHarvard Business School highlighted a conversation this week with professor Michael I Norton regrading his recent article in Science. Along with two colleagues, professor Norton found that giving money away can result in greater levels of hapiness.

Intentional activities—practices in which people actively and effortfully choose to engage—may represent a promising route to lasting happiness. Supporting this premise, our work demonstrates that how people choose to spend their money is at least as important as how much money they make," the researchers explain.

Our findings suggest that very minor alterations in spending allocations—as little as $5 in our final study—may be sufficient to produce non-trivial gains in happiness on a given day."

Not only have I found in my own life that in giving, we receive, but I’ve found that it goes beyond the monetary. I’ve found that most people who are successful and happy in QA and call coaching are those who approach their job with the motivation to give, to serve others and to make others successful. It’s in giving and serving that they find happiness and contentment in their work.

How have you seen this principle at work in your own job or personal life?

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and DCvision2006

One thought on “Money CAN Buy Happiness?!

  1. Yes, I agree, Tom! The joy in giving is more than the joy we get from receiving. You know what gives me joy? Seeing the other person happy because of what you’ve done for or given to them. It’s something money can’t buy, really! 🙂

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