Do You Have Time for Quality?

Time_pressureWe’re all pressed for time. The speed of business seems to contstantly increase as the windows of opportunity become narrower. As the pressure mounts, time management becomes a larger issue. I’ve found time to be the most heinous enemy of quality programs. When the phones start ringing and fires start blazing – listening to and analyzing calls is the first thing that gets shoved to the back burner.

I sat in on a calibration session with a client recently. This client hires me to come in once a quarter and calibrate with their team of quality call coaches. At one point during the session I asked how things were going in their "regular" calibration sessions between my quarterly visits.

Blank stares were followed by an explanation of how there has been no time for calibration.

There’s no time to listen to calls. There’s no time to listen for anything more strategic than whether the CSR did what we wanted. There’s no time to pull people off the phone to coach them. There’s no time to calibrate and make sure everyone on the Quality Team is analyzing and coaching calls the same way. There’s just no time for quality.

As a business partner, consultant, father of teenagers, and community leader – I find there are things for which I don’t always have time. Lawn care, home repairs, pest control, automotive maintenance to name a few – these are things that sometimes make more sense for me to hire others to do. That way, I know they will get done, I know they will get done better than I would probably do myself, and my time is better spent doing what I do well. I could do these things myself – but I’ve learned from experience that they tend not to get done, or they don’t get done well.

Perhaps you’re finding that you’ve got no time for measuring customer satisfaction or the quality of service your team is providing on the phone. Perhaps you’ve tried but you know you’re not doing it well and your team’s resources would be better spent going about your business. If that description fits you, please give me a call (It’s free! 877.482.0735) and let’s chat.

Measuring customer satisfaction, measuring service quality, training people to serve well – that’s what we spend our time doing so that our clients can spend their time doing what they do well – their business.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and Shyald

One thought on “Do You Have Time for Quality?

  1. There’s Always Time For Quality

    Time is a precious commodity these days and Im constantly hearing people say, I dont have time! Tom Vander Well wrote an excellent post asking us: Do You Have Time For Quality? which I recommend reading. Its not s…

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