Sometimes QA Drives Stupid Behaviors

Hertz_shuttleI arrived at the airport tonight on a late flight. I took the Hertz shuttle to pick up my car. There was no one on the shuttle but me. So, I sat up front by the driver who was a very nice man named Clayton. I gave him my name; we discussed where I was coming from and where I was going. He gave me detailed directions to where I was going. We had a nice conversation.

A few moments later, the Clayton pulled down the bus microphone and through the overhead speakers announced, "My name is Clayton. It’s been a pleasure driving you tonight. Thanks again for choosing Hertz."


It then struck me that somewhere along the way there was probably a Hertz QA checklist that requires drivers to do the "courtesy announcement" on each trip as they enter the lot – even if there’s no one on the bus. In fact, he probably thought I was a QA analyst checking to see if he’d do his announcement. Come on, I’m the only one on the bus. Thank me for choosing Hertz, but do it conversationally to me just like we’ve been talking for the past minute.

I’ve encountered the same thing in call centers. There are QA teams who require CSRs to tag the call, thank the caller by name and offer to help with other needs – EVEN IF THE CUSTOMER HAS ALREADY HUNG UP! Say all the required elements to a dead line or you don’t get the points on your QA form (yeah, talking to a dead line – THAT really helps the ol’ ACT metric!).

I’m a firm believer in consistency. I wholeheartedly support CSRs who are asked to frame a call by delivering the same service elements and the same level of service on every call. I’m not in favor of using QA to drive illogical, unreasonable and just plain stupid behavior.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and JasonJT

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