Take it Easy, Bloggers. Computers Don’t Have On-Star (Yet)!

EmergencyI was alerted to a recent article in the New York Times stating that some bloggers are feeling so much pressure to post that they’re having heart attacks. My friend was concerned for my health (I’m fine, btw!).

I’ve done some research on personality types over the years. I’ve learned that an extrovert is one who actually receives energy from being around people, while an introvert is drained by being around people. I wonder how well that theory applies to on-line community and what kind of effect that has on one’s health? I personally get engergized and jazzed by the community created in the blogosphere, but I imagine others experience it as stressful.

And it may just be that that "blogtreprenuers" put a lot of pressure on themselves, especially those who are trying to go-it-alone and build a business or make a fortune blogging. For some, blogging may be a "post or perish" existence. Yikes! Perish the thought.

That’s not what it should be. In the words my friend Terry Starbucker, "the day it stops being fun is the day I stop blogging."

I had to learn early on that blogging needs to fit my life, not be my life. I may not be an uber-blogger like Liz. I’m not a prodigious poster like Rich. I’m not a noteable networker like Mike. That’s okay. I’m just good ol’ QAQnA Tom. I’m still posting (thought not as much as some). I’m still meeting people (though not as many as others). I’m learning a lot (though not as quickly as some). I’m having an impact (though not as powerfully as others). I’m slowly-steadily gaining readers (though not as instantly as many).

Hey bloglings and veteran bloggers: Don’t put pressure on yourself! Find your pace. Have fun. We don’t want anyone keeling over at their keyboards.

Computers don’t come with On-Star (yet).

4 thoughts on “Take it Easy, Bloggers. Computers Don’t Have On-Star (Yet)!

  1. Hi Tom!
    I read that same article and being a blogtrepreneur myself, I sometimes feel the pressure to blog, blog, blog. As much blogging as I have done, I don’t feel at all stressful – in fact, I always look forward to all the great things to learn and people to meet through my blogging.
    I completely agree with what Terry said, “the day it stops being fun is the day I stop blogging.”

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