Build Your Quality Efforts on a Strong Foundation

Foundation Quality Assessment is often source of internal conflict. The CSR doesn’t agree with the scale. The supervisor thinks the QA team is too hard on their CSRs. The QA analysts think that the supervisors are too lenient with their team. The call center manager thinks that QA is too focused on soft skills and not focused enough on metrics that will help the bottom line. The senior management thinks the call center isn’t doing enough to use QA to drive sales. Can I get a witness?!

That’s why you want to build your QA program on a strong foundation. First, take a look at your corporate vision, mission and values. Most companies have them, whether they actually believe them is another thing – but it’s a good place to start. Start with the question "how can our QA process drive the stated values, mission and vision of our company?

Next, invest in finding out what drives your customers’ expectations when they call. Companies often do a broad customer satisfaction survey, but the information is often vague. For example, if your customer sat research says that one of the key drivers of customer satisfaction is "customer service", it’s not helping you very much. A small, focused survey that measures key dimension of service within the phone call can help you tie your QA elements to exactly what your customers value.

If you build your QA program on the foundation of (a) what your corporate values, vision and mission and (b) what your customers expect when they call, then you have a much stronger position when internal conflicts arise. When someone says, "you’re too nit-picky about courtesy" you have the ability to say, "Our company mission says we’re here to exceed expectations, not just meet them. We’ve also done the research and found that it’s those courteous soft skills that our customers reward with satisfaction."

Believe me, it won’t end the conflicts, but it gives you a strong position from which you can defend what you’re measuring. Companies who can clearly link their QA elements to the corporate mission and to customer satisfaction find it easier to get buy-in across the organization.

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