Beware of the Dreaded “Double Ding”!

    There are few things in the Call Center that are reviled as much as the dreaded "double-ding". A "double-ding" is when an agent or Customer Service Representative (CSR) is scored down twice for the same infraction. It’s the Call Center justice system’s form of double jeopardy. CSRs will cry foul (see photo) and appeal the decision any time they sense that they’ve been "double-dinged"!

    When our group performs an audit of a company’s Quality Assessment process, we commonly find fertile field for "double-dings" within the QA scorecard. Often, the same behavioral element will be listed under two different call attributes. In other cases, there are similarly worded elements in multiple places within the scorecard. In either case, a QA analyst can easily score a CSR down multiple times, in different places within the scorecard, for the same behavioral infraction.

    A regular, objective look at your QA scale, or a consistent calibration process, should unearth some of these "double ding" elements. Figure out what behavior you’re trying to motivate with the element, figure out where it really fits within the scale, then either delete the other element or reword it so that it clearly differentiates itself as a separate behavior. Eliminating "double-ding" threats will make your scale more objective and can save you a lot of headaches down the road!

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and Rutty

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