Coffee Time Links 10/10/07

It’s been a while since we’ve had a cup o’ joe!

The coffee time links mantra:
Fifteen minutes.
One cup of coffee.
Five great links.

2 thoughts on “Coffee Time Links 10/10/07

  1. Tom – These coffee time links are always appreciated. I like Steve Hamrin’s blog a lot. After reading it I tried to search for blogs about Indian call centers written by Indians – ones with the same voice and authenticity that Steve has. After 3 pages of search results on Google and Technorati, I found nothing. Do you know of any?

  2. I don’t know of any at this point, David. In fact, I’m bummed about the lack of call center blogs in general. The blogosphere was left with a giant hole when Anonymous Cog at Call Center Purgatory walked off into the sunset.
    I’ll keep my eyes peeled and will continue to link to quality call center blogs as I find them!
    As always, thanks for reading!

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