Just Because You CAN Do a Survey…

Technology sometimes creates opportunities for which business is unprepared. QA is a great example. Over the past ten years companies have been given this incredible technology to capture calls but there was little or no expertise built around the use of the technology. How do you listen? What should you listen for? Thus, many companies are using the technology, but not using it well.

Surveys are another example. Becky Carroll at Customers Rock points this out with an excellent post about the frustrations he’s had with a few surveys. Many companies are using emerging technology to take surveys at the end of calls. My experience tells me that many of the problems Steve points out may very well come from companies who have the technology to do surveys, but do not have the expertise to create a well-thought out questionnaire that will yield statistically valid, actionable information.

When you spend time, energy and resources to do something yourself that yields unprofitable or potentially misleading data – it’s time to consider making an investment in getting help. The price tag is much smaller in the long run and the R.O.I. can only get better!

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and eszter.

2 thoughts on “Just Because You CAN Do a Survey…

  1. Survey Methodology is not rocket science!
    Because rocket science is much easier.
    Everything from question wording to question order impacts the survey responses. You can’t compare the results of a survey that asks “Was your issue resolved to your satisfaction” with a survey that asks “Were you satisfied with the resolution of your issue.” They’re different questions.
    Yet so many companies go out to do CSAT surveys that were designed by somebody who had a couple of hours free to do it for the boss.
    Even worse, they then manage to those results.
    You are SO right. For things like this you MUST call in the experts.

  2. For downloadabale questionnaires you might want to check out the Survey Questionniare Archive at: http://www.cadsr.udel.edu/sqa
    The Survey Questionnaire Archive is an open collection of survey questionnaires used in social sciences and public policy making.
    The archive is created, hosted and maintained by the Center for Applied Demography & Survey Research at the University of Delaware.
    This digital collection allows users to browse, search, store and share survey instruments over the web.
    The goal of the archive is to collect, capture, disseminate and preserve a wide variety of survey instruments.

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