Struggling Teams Often Result From Struggling Leaders

School starts this week for my teen daughters (Thank you, Lord). I have great girls and they are the apple of my eye, but they are teenagers in "summer mode". Left to their own devices they will stay up late, sleep in late, do the least amount of work necessary with the least amount of effort they can get away with. It takes more than a small amount of parental supervision to make sure that they stay on task and do what is expected of them.

I have found that supervising a team of CSRs is a parallel experience. You’ve got great people with all the capability in the world, but they need constant supervision to stay on task and perform as expected. When a team is struggling, the first thing I will look at is how the supervisor is managing. It is quite common to find that a struggling supervisor results in a struggling team.

Teams will not function on their own, and they will not typically meet quality goals without a leader to motivate, inspire, humor, threaten and cajole their team members as needed. If you’ve got a struggling team, your first question should be "do we have a struggling leader?"

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and Brandon Cirillo

One thought on “Struggling Teams Often Result From Struggling Leaders

  1. You are 100% right on the money! Strong leaders have great teams because they put in the time and effort to coach and develop their people. As a result the team can grow as professionals and return the favor with top performance. I found a lot of cartoons about this topic at The comics are meant to highlight this very topic.

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