One Experience Sends Apple Customer Back to MS

I have written about my temptation to dump Microsoft once and for all and buy a Mac from Apple. Perhaps that’s why my eyes caught sight of Kim’s post explaining why she will never by an Apple product again. It appears that Kim bought a Mac that was a lemon. Every customer knows that you might get a lemon – but what pushed Kim over the edge (she says she’ll buy a Zune!) was that the people at the Tech Support call center couldn’t properly transfer her to the right place:

"Now here’s the deal: I think this is all settled, I just got
transferred to the wrong place. My defective hardware is going to be
replaced, the people are just plain incompetent at phone transferring

Kim’s experience is a warning to every corporate executive. It doesn’t matter how great your product is – it only takes one negative experience with your call center to lose a customer for life.

Do you know what your customers are experiencing when they call your Customer Service center?

Do you care?

  1 comment for “One Experience Sends Apple Customer Back to MS

  1. July 8, 2007 at 5:53 pm

    Sad, but so true. All it takes is once. I’ve heard where customers have been screwed up twice in a row by two different CSRs. I’m completely surprised they haven’t left: I probably would have. I do know both complained… loudly. And Management was very quick to respond, especially after I heard the calls and escalated the problem.

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