Everyone Needs a Laugh

I just spent the past two days speaking on ‘QA Best Practices’ at a conference sponsored by Avtex. I shared the podium with VOIP and Media Integration Specialist Peggy Gritt and Humor Specialist Gavin Jerome. Gavin reminded us all of the importance of laughter in the workplace – which is especially true when you’re spending the entire day scoring phone calls.

Which is why I appreciated a call I heard the other day…

Most major companies have started using "security questions" for account verification. They’re usually your mother’s maiden name, your pet’s name, or the city in which you were born. Pretty basic stuff. So it caught my attention when the CSR in the call I was scoring says, "I’m supposed to ask you: Who is your leader?"

"Who is my leader?" the caller repeated.

"Yes," the CSR said, "I’m supposed to ask you ‘Who is your leader?’"

Then the caller said with enthusiasm, "MAXIMUS!"

Now that’s a customer with a good sense of humor.

Do you have a humorous call center or QA story to share? Click on the ‘comment’ link below, fill in the information and share the laughter. Email subscribers must click on the title of this post in the email to be taken to the post’s page – scroll down to the bottom of the post to leave a comment.

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