Call Center Satisfaction Index

According to this post from The Customer Institute, the University of Michigan has created a satisfaction index for call centers. They found that most businesses see their call center as a "cost center" rather than an opportunity to drive satisfaction and loyalty.

That’s a pity. For many businesses, the Call Center is the place where the greatest number of customers have a direct "moment of truth" with the company. Every day in the call center a company has thousands of opportunities to build their brand, satisfy customers and drive long-term loyalty.

Citing TCI, the UM study also reveals:

  1. Issue resolution is the key driver for call center satisfaction
  2. Almost 20% of callers end their call without their issue resolved.
  3. Of those who didn’t have their issues resolved, 68% of those are at risk of defection
  4. 43% of those without their issue resolved said they would defect.
  5. Customers who think the contact center lies outside the US rate their
    satisfaction experience 26 points lower (on the 100 point scale)
  6. 88% of the time customer issues are able to be resolved when the rep
    speaks clearly, compared to 45% of the time when the rep has poor
    communication skills.
  7. PC call centers have low satisfaction ratings because nearly 25% of the callers hang up without their issue being resolved.

The industry rankings are:
              Catalog centers                             – 80
              Banking call centers                        – 77
              Cell phone service call centers             – 69
              Cable and satellite Television call centers – 68
              Insurance call centers                      – 68
              Personal computer call centers              – 64

Do you see your call center as a revenue drain or a real opportunity to produce long-term revenue through customer satisfaction and loyalty?

2 thoughts on “Call Center Satisfaction Index

  1. There are a lot of great statistics out now that prove the the call center does produce long-term revenue through customer loyalty and satisfaction. Recent numbers published by the Gallup organization stated that call centers which implement coaching programs achieve 27% higher profitability and have a whopping 56% higher customer satisfaction rating. These types of statistics are giving call centers the recognition and motivation they need to develop and coach their agents who will in turn provide higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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