Team Transfusion: New Blood is Sometimes the Cure

I just read a great post about Save Desks by the Sales Queen. She cited a report that revealed the best people to staff  Save/Retention Teams are not CSRs from the floor but ‘good listeners’ (presumably from the outside).

The post reminded me of many call center teams I’ve encountered over the years who are mired in mediocrity and don’t seem to improve no matter how much time and energy is expended to motivate them. In many cases, these teams are made up of long-term employees who have settled into their routines and their cynicism.

How do you motivate a turn-around?

  • Out with the old. It might be important to identify individuals who need a new opportunity. Long periods of time on the same team, doing the same thing can breed contagious attitudes of apathy, pessimism and cynicism. Many times I’ve watched individuals bloom and teams improve
    when a few crusty veterans are transplanted out of the team and into a new opportunity.
  • Motivated Newbies. I have watched teams turn their attitudes around and improve their service levels when some "new blood" is introduced. A few newbies who are motivated to perform and prove themselves can shake things up in a positive way.
  • Sign a Free Agent. A team may simply need a proven rep with an indomitable service spirit added to the line up. That person can provide new life to the team and motivate others to follow their example.

Any other suggestions that have worked for you? Have you seen these measures work in your own business? Post a comment and share your story!

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