Five Things I Learned in May

Starbucker recently
encouraged us to list five things we learned in May. Before we get
half-way through June, I figured I’d better list my five!

  1. I was reminded of the joy and value of minor league baseball. Small park, small price, big-time baseball experience.
  2. Carpe Diem – I was reminded that sometimes you have to “seize the day” when a business trip was rescheduled at the last moment, I had almost an entire week open up. I could have easily filled it with work – but with no vacations planned for the year it was time to “seize the day”! My wife and I extended our weekend getaway with friends into a week’s adventure in St. Louis
  3. I was reminded of my belief in “good companions for the journey”. A weekend with our friends Kevin and Becky was just what the doctor ordered. We’ve shared enough of the journey with these precious friends that we can enjoy a lot of laughter, a lot of conversation and generally refresh one-another’s soul.
  4. It’s taken over two years to get birds in our neighborhood to find the bird-feeders in our back yard. We’ve been enjoying a small variety of feathered friends as we sit on the parch.
         Grabbing my Audubon field-guide, I learned that all the common house sparrows in North America (the boring little brown birds that are everywhere) are descended from a single pair introduced to Central Park in 1850.
  5. The mad-genius of Miles Davis. I can’t remember where I first picked up the LP of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue when I was a kid, but my love for his musical genius has only grown deeper over
         the years. His son’s memoirs were a great early-summer read. Like many artistic geniuses, Miles was a troubled soul – and the book gave me a greater – if sadder – appreciation for the man and his music.

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