Does Your QA Provide a Map for Improvement?

This is a re-posting from yesterday since I posted without title or categories. My apologies. That’s what I get for writing posts at 5 in the morning!

I live in a small town in the Midwest. I chose to live here. Life is
a bit slower. People are intelligent, articulate, hard working and
friendly. Oh yes – and there are no traffic jams. Nevertheless, living
in small town has its quirks. In my town, most residents are natives.
If people ask me where I live and I give them my street address they
have no idea what I’m talking about, but if I tell them, "I live in Dr.
Dahm’s old house" their eyes light up with recognition (and they
usually tell me that they’ve been in my house on several occasions).

It’s the same when it comes to getting directions. If you ask for
directions in my town, and you’re not a native, you’re likely going to
get a lot of useless information. The directions you’ll receive will go
something like this:

"Go down here a ways to the
Old Mill road – I don’t know what it’s called now – but there used to
be a mill there. Take a right and keep going until you pass the Van Zee
place. They just re-roofed that house last week – but don’t turn there.
Keep going until you get to Hank DeCook’s, which used to be a parsonage
until the church moved out by Wal-Marts. Everyone was pretty upset when
Wal-Marts moved to town. Hang a left there. Go down a few houses and
it’s right next to Charlie’s
. He’s my second cousin,
twice-removed on my mother’s side. Mom was a Blom before she and dad
got married. Charlie and I grew up together.
Oh, and watch out for that dog."

I often see QA feedback that reminds me of small town directions. It
may be on target, but it’s useless at getting you where you need to go
unless it comes with the necessary information. Call Centers regularly
provide CSRs with feedback that tells them, for example, their
"Greeting" scores was 86 percent, but provides no data regarding which
of the "Greeting" behaviors they’re consistently missing. Providing a
CSR with a QA score is meaningless unless it is accompanied by data
that clearly demonstrates what they need to do – or stop doing – to

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