This Blogger is Trying Not to Be Too Whiny

Craig Ferguson has become one of my favorite late night indulgences. His stand up never ceases to provide me with a good belly laugh at the end of the day (if I make it that late – otherwise it’s the next day on  DVR as I eat my lunch). The other night during his monologue, Craig made a comment about Bloggers being whiny and critical, and I’ve though long and hard about that.

I will admit that I have called out more than one business for a shoddy service experience, but in doing so I have always tried to make it a learning experience for any of us in the service industry. I always attempt to explain what went wrong and what we can all learn from it. I’ve also shared some positive experiences. Once again, I’ve tried to share what we can learn from what has been done well.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the road lately. Business travel can make for long, stressful days and short, anxious nights. The stress and anxiety are compounded by the reality that it only takes one person behind a hotel, airline, or rental car counter to completely make or break your day.

So, from my recent trips, here are a few kudos and critiques:

  • Kudos to Courtyard Inn by Marriott in San Antonio, TX and Laredo, TX. Your staff are pleasant, efficient, and went the extra mile to get me into a room early so I could work and allowed me to work until a late check-out. You’ve earned my loyalty.
  • Kudos to Springhill Suites in Billings, MT. It was my second stay and the experience was flawless and friendly both times. (I haven’t been a loyal customer to Marriott, but these recent experiences have them earning my loyalty)
  • Kudos to Hertz in San Antonio. My last handful of experiences with Hertz weren’t the best, but everything worked like a charm last week. What did they do? They simply delivered on their  #1 Gold Service promise.
  • Critique to Mad Dog’s Pub on the Riverwalk. I returned after previous experiences of eating out on their patio were so positive. There was no host to welcome me, I had to switch tables just to get a server to notice me, and it took almost twenty minutes from the time I ordered to get my drink. When my burger was served (after another long wait) I ordered second drink and it wasn’t delivered until after I’d finished my meal. I might have been understanding if it was crazy-busy – but there were plenty of open tables and the wait staff were spending plenty of time standing around.
  • Kudos to Chef Jimmy’s in the Denver Airport. I’ve become a regular due to the quality food, reasonable price (for an airport), and pleasant wait staff. Your Italian sandwich is a favorite.

So there, Craig Ferguson. My Kudo to Critique ratio is 4:1. Have a nice day!

  2 comments for “This Blogger is Trying Not to Be Too Whiny

  1. April 18, 2007 at 9:54 am

    Wow…4:1. That’s awesome, Tom. And it sounds like the travel schedule is giving you plenty of review opportunities, too 😉

  2. May 1, 2007 at 2:20 pm

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