Often Overlooked QA Opportunities

Quality Assessment (QA) in call centers has almost become a given. Most call centers have some sort of QA process, even if it’s rudimentary and thrown together (Now, if we could only get companies with one or two agents to realize that they operate a call center!).

There are two job functions within most corporations who get little or no attention with regard to quality, and it’s a shame.

  • Receptionists often make your company’s first impression on a customer. They are the first voice the customer hears. The receptionist can make or break that first experience. In an age of phone menus and IVRs, there are still companies using receptionists, and very few have thought to provide these critical individuals with any kind of QA process.
  • Help Desks provide a critical service to internal customers so those individuals can, in turn, provide critical service to external customers. It’s rare that I visit a client and hear rave reviews of the service provided by the help desk. More often than not, I hear front-line reps critical of the fact that they are tasked by their employer with providing World-class service on the phone. This same employer gives no thought or consideration to the important service the help desk provides them. Yes, it is hypocritical and short sighted. If every help desk had a Phil Gerbyshak managing it, the corporate world would be a much better place.

Hey Ms. Vice-President of Operations! Yes, you Mr. IT Manager! Are you listening?

  2 comments for “Often Overlooked QA Opportunities

  1. April 7, 2007 at 10:45 pm

    Receptionists are a key component of our customer service experience. We have some incredibly friendly folks answering calls at our corporate headquarters, and even when I have to call down, they are friendly to me, and I’m internal. Well done!
    Help Desks can be your company’s secret weapon…or it’s biggest downfall. If folks call your desk a “helpless desk” you are in big trouble. As a manager, you must make time to ensure people understand what you can, and can’t do. But please, lead with the can. Leading with the can’t makes me think that you don’t know what you CAN do.

  2. April 8, 2007 at 7:34 am

    Well said, Phil! You are my example and inspiration whenever I hear people groaning about their help desks. Keep making it great!

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