Two Stupid Blogging Mistakes I Make

There have been a lot of blogoversaries the past few weeks. After I posted about mine, I realized that friends/bloggers like Starbucker and Ann Handley were celebrating theirs, as well. Then I received an e-mail from Christine Kane last week. She had a great idea for celebrating her own first year in the blogosphere. She asked several people to contribute by sharing the mistakes they’ve made and lessons they’ve learned. She then posted the 18 stupid mistakes bloggers make in their first year.

As always, Christine was articulate, humorous and inspiring. Here are a couple of mistakes I’d add to the list…

  1. Focusing on perfection instead of process. I’ve learned that blogging is about growing. It’s organic. It’s a process. I’m growing as a writer. I’m growing as a professional. I’m growing as a QA analyst and business presenter. I’m growing as an artist and actor. I’m growing as a husband, a father, and a friend. Whenever I get too freaked out because I haven’t arrived (however my perfectionist fears and insecurities define that illusion) I get discouraged and fall into apathy and paralysis. In the book The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron encourages us to "take care of the quantity, let God take care of the quality". In other words, just keep posting. Post, post and post some more. It’s about the progress – not the perfect product.
  2. Beating yourself up. Here I am in my hotel room in the Twin Cities feeling awful about the fact that my life and schedule distracted me from responding more quickly to Christine’s e-mail when it looks like Mike, and Michelle and Kristie were able to find the time. (Tom’s internal monologue: "How terrible is that? Why didn’t I make time? She must think I don’t care! Everyone else found time – what’s wrong with me?") Oh yeah…what did I just write?…progress…not perfection. I’m still working on that.

Here you go, Christine. A late contribution from another blogger on the bus, just trying to make my way home. Happy blogoversary!

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