Be Cautious of Pet Peeves in QA

I was taking part in a client’s call calibration a while back and something that one of the participants said really stuck with me. We were discussing whether or not to "ding" the CSR for a particular behavior in one of those pesky gray areas that the scale didn’t define particularly well (which is a great idea for a future post). One of the coaches was explaining why they would mark the CSR down, admitting that the behavior was a "pet peeve" and they knew they tended to be more sensitive to it.

I walked away from calibration that day thinking about my own QA pet peeves. I think that pet peeves can be a strength, because they make us keenly aware of a particular behavior. It’s less likely that we’ll miss it if it’s a particular pet peeve. Of course, like the rest of life, our strengths may often open us up to weaknesses and "blind spots". While a pet peeve may make me more keenly aware of a behavior, it may also cause me to judge the behavior more harshly than the scale, or the company would.

Since that calibration, I’ve tried to be more aware of myself when I’m analyzing calls. I want to be objective, analyzing the call according to the scale and the desired behavior the company is attempting to motivate. I want my pet peeves to serve me well rather than be a slave to them.

  1 comment for “Be Cautious of Pet Peeves in QA

  1. March 27, 2007 at 9:00 am

    This reminds me of a person I used to work with who always brought their dog to work. I love dogs, and really – this one became the company mascot. Yet, this pet was not my pet.
    Sometimes, my peeves are simply that – mine. I shouldn’t try to get others to adopt my peeves.
    Good counsel here, Tom. Thanks for the reminder.

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