Overstock Underdelivers

I mentioned in my last post that I’m the lone male in my house (I have a beautiful wife and two gorgeous daughters). Because of this, I have lots of interesting retail experiences like the one I related yesterday about buying my daughter’s prom dress.  Here’s another true tale.

My wife and daughters wanted a super-duper hair-straightening iron that cost a lot of money. My wife scoured the Internet for the best deals, and I chose to order from Overstock.com – even though it wasn’t the lowest price. I figured that they are reputable name and I have more confidence that they will deliver.

Most things I order from the Internet arrive within 4-5 business days – even when shipped UPS or FedEx ground. So, my wife was ancy when it hadn’t arrived last week. On Friday I went online to check and found that the item had shipped March 8 and a FedEx tracking number was provided. The tracking number yielded no result so I called FedEx. FedEx told me that Overstock had never contacted them to pick the item up and I should call Overstock.

I returned to Overstock and entered a live chat with "Randall" who informed me that it had shipped, but the tracking number had not been updated. He told me to give it until March 22, though admitted it certainly should arrive much sooner. He told me that a "specialized representative" would update the tracking number on-line and I should check back in one business day.

As of today, the iron still hasn’t arrived and the tracking number was not updated. I entered a live chat with "Fredd" who told me to give it until March 22 and a "specialized representative" would update the tracking number and e-mail me or call me in one business day.

When I told him that this was the same answer I received last Friday and I wasn’t confident that the item ever shipped (because FedEx told me it hadn’t) he told me that FedEx was lying and that a "specialized representative" would update the tracking number and e-mail me (he didn’t say "call" this time) in one business day.

Here’s this customer’s take on this:

  1. I have no confidence that my package in on the way because Overstock.com can’t produce a valid tracking number or give me any tracking details.
  2. At this moment, I have no confidence in Overstock.com to resolve the issue because they’ve yet to deliver on one thing they’ve told me they would do. I got the same answer today that I did last Friday. Why should I believe them today?
  3. Instead of providing me with any kind of documentation or proof that the item shipped – or taking responsibility for the issue – they have simply communicated empty promises and blamed FedEx for lying to me.

So far, Overstock.com has under-delivered to this customer.

12 thoughts on “Overstock Underdelivers

  1. Mr. Vander Well,
    I am very sorry about your bad experience and I am eager to remedy immediately. I tried to source your order by name to no avail. Could you please provide me with your order number so that I may review this issue?

  2. Overstock.com: A Tale of the Blame Game and Good Service

    Its when things go wrong that we learn whether or not a company is really a company worth doing business with. Tom Vander Well of QAQnA shares his experience with Overstock.com which wasnt very favorable in the beginning. The …

  3. I have been an Overstock customer for over 8 yr. this month they decided to change my email address on my account. They did not notify me. I could not place an order and went through several helpers who told me I had the wrong address. Actually, they insisted theirs was mine, I thought it was nuts. Funny, they changed it to an address I do not have access to. I kept saying it is not mine, I never have had it, I never changed it. And, their final response, they say someone emailed me (to the address I do not have) stating I need to talk to my provider and tell them to change the email to what they changed it to. Nuts, why not email me just a week prior, along with that ad to tell me they are changing their system, we no longer like your address and will consider it invalid? Will they also send my CC and info to that address I do not possess? What gives them the right? I do not remember that in my account policy. Sadly, I do not think they had any intentions of telling me had I not called and chatted trying to place an order…

  4. I have posted the following on other websites and will continue to do so to make other potential Overstock.com customers aware of their unsatisfactory customer service policy. I recently had an appallingly unpleasant experience with Overstock.com’s customer service during which very little was resolved and I left the conversation feeling undervalued and mistreated.
    I had ordered a pair of boots, laid down a bathrobe in front of my mirror (because I have wooden floors and did not want to scratch the soles of the boot), and tried them on. They hurt my feet. I returned them. Not only does overstock.com make you go through a tedious return process in which you have to sign in online and enter in all of your return information and why you are returning the item (a process which is virtually unseen on almost any other shopping website), but they deduct money for various, seemingly made-up, reasons. For example, I once returned a hoodie that I exchanged for a different size. Overstock.com deducted almost $4 because I had opened (not torn, shredded, or ripped apart hastily) the plastic bag that the hoodie was incased in. Well, how else was I supposed to get the hoodie out to try it on? I let this instance go because it was only $4. More recently, Overstock.com deducted almost $25 dollars from one of my returns because the boots “showed signs of wear” and were not “restockable”. Now obviously, I could not ask Overstock.com to send me pictures of the supposedly “worn” boots to prove that they were, in fact, worn; I could not do anything about the situation besides insist that I had tried them on in front of mirror in my home with a bathrobe underneath my feet to offer the soles greater protection. And, of course, they have no reason to believe me. They have my money, and that is apparently what is most important to them. I know that Overstock.com will turn around and sell these boots for full price because there is nothing wrong with them.
    I will never order from Overstock.com again, and I will advise my friends, family, and you, reader, to do the same. There are plenty of other bargain websites out there whose regard for customer service is much greater than Overstock.com’s.

  5. I have had nothing but unsatisfactory experiences with overstock.com. My boyfriend works for a large, reputable company with both brick and mortar stores and an on-line site. Because he works in their on-line marketing division, he is particularly aware of not only his company’s customer service, but the customer service of other companies. He says the data that he has seen compiled for overstock.com’s customer service is among the most horrid he has seen. Apparently, Hannah, you are not alone in your opinion!! For all of the other readers out there, please try smartbargains.com; their customer service is exceptional. It’s surprising to me that in these days when we are becoming more and more careful about how we spend our money, that a company as large as overstock.com cannot even treat their customers with respect. I vow never to shop on their site again; and I’m a big spender!!

  6. This is interesting. I am facing the same issue. My overstock order has apparently shipped via FedEx and it has a tracking number but the tracking number has no information on the FedEx site. The customer representative on Overstock was very friendly and told me that they would refund my money if they are not able to provide me with a working tracking number in the next couple business days. 

    However, it seems unlikely that I will receive my order. I am somewhat disappointed because it was a one-day-only very good offer from overstock and now the item is out of stock. 

  7. Just thought I’d come back and post the dénouement to my overstock tracking label comment below. They sent me an email with the correct tracking number the evening after my talk with the customer service representative. My overstock item arrived yesterday and I am really happy with the speed of delivery. I’d highly recommend that people having this incorrect tracking number at overstock contact the customer service representative via the online chat at overstock.com. I have found nothing but extreme courteousness and responsiveness there! Maybe you could contact them as well?

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