Geek Squad…the Continuing Saga

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from a reader who’d found my Geek Squad posts. She was frustrated with her own experience with the Geeks and was feeling that "can’t get no satisfaction" thing we get as consumers. So, I forwarded the message on to the folks at the Geek Squad.

Within a few hours I received a reply that they were on the case. Not bad- not bad, at all. Perhaps it’s experiences like mine that have helped raised Best Buy’s customer sat index seven percentage points from last year. When you care about serving customers well, when you work hard to put the processes in place to measure it and make it happen – then good things result for customer and company alike.

By the way, when I mentioned in my last Geek Squad post that they had earned my loyalty I wasn’t kidding. My wife and I bought a notebook computer last week. We went to Best Buy, bought the notebook, paid for the Geeks to set it up with anti-virus, and paid for the Geek’s extended service package. I put my money where my blog post is.

If you didn’t catch the four-part interview Service Untitled did with Geek founder and CEO, Robert Stephens – check it out – it’s a good read.

3 thoughts on “Geek Squad…the Continuing Saga

  1. Tom:
    I talked with a Best Buy general manager last week and he was consistantly passionate about the Geeks. It was great to see a strong believer within that organization who understood the value they bring to the table. -Mark

  2. Personally I think you should have bought a Mac like me 🙂 then you wouldn’t have these problems. *note – typical response from a Mac lover
    those were great posts!

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