“The Extra Mile” Should Be the Expectation – Not Exception

I had a great discussion with a client yesterday about their QA scale. I noticed that they were struggling with something that I find very common with call center QA scorecards or scales. At the end of the form they had a section of "extra credit" items. There were three or four elements that a CSR could get as a "bonus" if he or she happened to do them. I have tremendous difficulty with this type of "extra credit" approach. Here’s why:

  • If an element is worthwhile for satisfying customers and worth putting on your form – then it is worth expecting on every applicable call. It shouldn’t just be a "if you want to". Going the extra mile should be the expectation, not the exception.
  • Providing this kind of "extra credit" methodology sends the message to your front line CSRs that providing great service is optional. It’s like saying, "Mediocre service will get you "100" and there’s extra credit if you want to do more."
  • Most QA scales we see used provide the CSR with a percentage, as in "you got 96 percent on your call today." These extra credit points make it appear that someone can get more than 100 percent. More than 100 percent is a statistical impossibility. There’s no such thing. You can’t have more than 100 percent. Pretending that you can undermines the credibility of your methodology.

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