Customer Service Chat Gone Wrong

Debbie at Soul Level Wisdom wrote this post relaying her on-line customer service chat regarding a failed installation of QuickBooks by Intuit software. She’s posted her entire on-line chat, which is a great read with plenty of customer service lessons for all of us, and would be an especially valuable object lesson for any contact center. Trainers take notice.

Debbie came away from her experience with these thoughtful tips for Customer Service professionals (they work whether it’s on-line or phone):

  1. Listen to them and hear them out – wait until they have finished before injecting anything
  2. Clarify that you have the problem properly defined/understood
  3. Ask them how you can fix this – what would be a satisfactory outcome to them?
  4. Oblige them

These elements are part of what makes the difference between average and excellent!

One thought on “Customer Service Chat Gone Wrong

  1. Chat Opens Up Customer Service Options

    Last week, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ran a article highlighting the rising use of chat by many online customer service departments…

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