Coffee Time Links – 12/27/06

Christmas is over. New Year’s is approaching. Short work week. It’s time to kick your heels up and enjoy fifteen minutes, one cup o’ joe and five great links (and a Partridge in a Pear Tree!)

  • Ginger Conlon over at 1to1 Media has some great thoughts about redifining the "C" in One Call Resolution.
  • Jason Stoffer has a great take on sales in the Contact Center.
  • Jamie Rubin is having an interesting service experience with Comcast.
  • Dale Wolf reports on some interesting news about contact center growth in Brazil.
  • This report from Bearing Point: $20 Billion spent in CRM Solutions by the financial services industry and no needles are moving on the ol’ Net Promoter Scores. Hey folks, it ain’t the tool – it’s what you do with it. Call me! We’ll do lunch.

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