Apply QA Structure to Coaching

What does an effective call coaching session look like?

A QA coaching session is really no different than the phone call itself. You should approach it the same way. When you try to figure out what a "good call" looks like, you break it down into component parts and define behaviors that are critical for serving your customers well.

A coaching session can be broken down into component parts, as well (Introduction, Goal Review, Listening to a Call, Discussing a Call, etc.). You can define what elements should be present in each session and which are critical to encouraging and equipping your CSRs. You can even create a basic session structure that will help your coaches define what they need to be doing in the session.

In the case of either a phone call or a coaching session, the CSR’s or coach’s personality and personal style can be applied to the structured delivery. Having the "structure", however, ensures that you’re consistently delivering the most important pieces in a way that’s reflects your vision and your brand.

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