Staying Objective: WWDD?

I received a wonderful e-mail (and a comment) the other day from alert reader, Barbara, at Bright House. Their quality team sounds like they are doing some great work over there. Here’s an excerpt:

"All inside teams must remember to be be Switzerland, pretend you dont
know that Joe’s tone is just that way or that Caroline is having a bad
day.. we refer to it as WWDD- what would division do– this means how
would the president -who does know these agents grade this call– then
we do the same

WWDD?! I love this concept. Kudos to the Bright House crew on keeping their objectivity. QA coaches and supervisors often and easily analyze calls relative to what they know about the agent, rather than looking at it from the customer’s perspective. This is a slippery slope that ends in a QA program that has little integrity or validity. In Barbara’s case, they bring objectivity by looking at it from their corporate President (whom, I assume would want them to meet/exceed customers’ expectations!).

How about a few others?
WWCE: What Would Customers Expect?
WWEE: What Would Exceed Expectation?
WWWC: What Would "WOW" Customers?

  1 comment for “Staying Objective: WWDD?

  1. December 14, 2006 at 10:39 pm

    WWAV = What Would Add Value?
    WWCF = What Would Carpe Factum? (Hey, you knew that one was coming).
    Great post, Tom. Good thoughts heading into the weekend.

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