Coffee Time Links – Dec 7, 2006

Coffee_time_13Fifteen minutes, one cup o’ joe, five great links

  • C.B. Whittemore introduced me to Jack Mitchell and his book "Hug Your Customers". I like hugs, and I appreciate C.B.’s posts!
  • Bill over at Vox shared this great article from Business Week. It seems that Dell, Home Depot and Northworst – er – Northwest airlines are focused on the bottom line, and customer satisfaction is in major decline!
  • Andrew Griffiths asks "What Exactly is Customer Service?"
  • Mabel over at Pith and Vinegar (gotta love that) reminds us that business is personal.
  • Mila at Think Customers has an interesting post about how American Girl Place creates lasting relationships (and having survived two pre-adolescent daughters – I can tell you they produced a lot of revenue – right outta my pocket!).

  1 comment for “Coffee Time Links – Dec 7, 2006

  1. December 7, 2006 at 4:13 pm

    Tom, thanks for the kind words and the link!

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